Buccaneers News · Miami Vallley League Announces League Play Only For Fall 2020 Sports


The Miami Valley League (MVL) Superintendents met today to discuss the current status of fall interscholastic athletics.  Given that the current COVID-19 pandemic is going to be with us for the foreseeable future, it was decided that it is in our collective best interest to compete among MVL schools only during the regular season.  This decision will allow membership to implement protocols and guidelines for all member schools to follow and allow for a more controlled environment for the student athletes to safely return to competition.  Decisions like this are never easy but this gives our students the best opportunity to have a season, given the mandates that must be met and the uncharacteristic times we face.

The MVL athletic directors will begin to build a schedule for all fall sports in the coming days that will give each team a full schedule to begin the season.  The goal is to give our student-athletes the opportunities to compete this fall.