Buccaneers News · Important Fall Sports Update July 29th

Parents and Student-Athletes,


This document will serve as our preseason meeting that is typically held the last week in July.  This document will have the most up to date information, but we also anticipate information to change daily.   We plan to continue to work closely with the Xenia Community Schools protocols for returning to school, the Greene County Health District and the CDC guidelines to practice proper social distancing and give our families the safest, healthiest environment possible.


What We Know As of 7/29

There is no doubt that this fall is going to look a lot different than falls in the past. Please be patient and flexible as we try to follow all of the guidelines set forth by the state, county and school district.  The first official day of the fall season is Saturday, August 1st. Some of our teams will be beginning 8/1, while others will start on Monday, August 3rd.  I have attached all tryout information below.


The Ohio High School Athletic Association has reiterated several times that their plan is to start all fall sports on August 1st.  Currently, golf, tennis, cheerleading, and volleyball have been cleared for outside competition by the governor’s office.  Football, soccer, and cross country have NOT been cleared for outside competition.  All sports have been permitted to practice/workout in their own facilities since earlier in the summer.  As of July 29th all soccer and football scrimmages have been suspended by the OHSAA.



All athletes grades 7-12 must have their FinalForms documents complete and an updated physical on file with the trainer to begin practices.  If you have questions you can call the athletic office at 937-562-9637 or the athletic office at 937-374-4217 or email Tyra Senter tsenter@xeniaschools.org , Chris Imri cimri@xeniaschools.org, or Nathan Kopp nkopp@xeniaschools.org


Symptom Checks

Symptom checks will continue to be done as athletes arrive to practices.  Students must self-check their temperature before they leave the house and any student with above a 100.4 temperature should not attend. Any athletes with a temperature or any symptom related to Covid-19 should contact their physician.  Any athlete with symptoms must report these to their head coach who will then notify the athletic office.


Online Option

If you are choosing the online option for the first semester for your son/daughter, they WILL BE eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.



The current restrictions on the sharing of water and water supplied via water bottles is forcing us to require athletes to bring their own water to all workouts and practices until school starts.  Once the school year starts, the athletic dept. has secured a water resource for athletes to have their own water daily.  There will also be a request that athletes bring one 24-30 pack of water at the start of practice August 1st to help each program.  You can currently get a 24 pack of water at Rural King for $1.68.



The district will provide transportation to all scrimmages and games as in previous years. Transportation to Doug Adam’s Stadium will also be provided to MS/HS football players when required. The district will allow and encourage parents to transport their own son/daughter to and from away contests if they so choose.  Alternate transportation forms must be completed for each occurrence and parents can only transport their own son or daughter.  Athletes who are old enough to drive MAY NOT transport themselves.


Eligibility For Fall 2020

OHSAA granted eligibility to all athletes with no GPA or class requirements due to spring COVID-19 circumstances.


New GPA Requirement 

All athletes in grades 7-12 must have a minimum GPA of 1.25 from the previous grading period to be eligible to participate in athletics and pass at least five credit courses from the previous grading period to be eligible to participate in athletics in the Xenia Community School District. The previous requirement was a 1.0GPA
As questions arise please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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