Buccaneers News · ***Update*** All Xenia Athletic Facilities Are Now Closed Through June 30th. Click For Details


 Please read the news release today from the OHSAA posted below.   Two major announcements were released today.  First is the no contact period for coaches has been moved to May 31st.  This contact does NOT include electronic communication.   All of our coaches are expected and encouraged to communicated in a variety of ways to stay connected with our student athletes during this difficult time.  The other big news released was that all school facilities including athletic facilities are to remain closed through June 30th.   If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact Athletic Director Nathan Kopp nkopp@xeniaschools.org


Ohio Dept. of Health Order Closing School Facilities

A major announcement yesterday was the Director of the Ohio Dept. of Health’s order that all school buildings will be closed through June 30, 2020. Through a call to the ODH, it was clearly stated that this extends to all school facilities as well and includes stadiums, baseball/softball diamonds and tracks.  This clearly prohibits all schools from making their facilities available to club/travel/non-interscholastic sports during this mandatory shut-down.  While we have no authority over each school’s facilities, our oversight to complying with this is the mandatory no-contact rule that has been in place.

The OHSAA’s No Contact Period Extended through May 31, 2020

The OHSAA’s “No-Contact Regulation” is now extended through May 31, 2020. While this limits the ability for school coaches to directly coach their student-athletes and will also handcuff them from coaching them in non-school programs, it is a result of current restrictions and orders and puts all programs on the same level playing field.  This regulation was implemented long before modern methods of communication and, while we have received many questions on what coaches can or cannot do as a result of “zoom” meetings, text messaging, etc., we have provided guidance that we would ask you to distribute to ALL your coaches.  The intent of this regulation was to prohibit direct contact with students, not electronic methods.