Buccaneers News · MS Baseball Off To A Strong Start

Warner middle school is experiencing a successful start to their season, getting off to an 8-4 start, including a record of 7-4 in league play.  The team has been lead by the play and leadership of the 8th grade class, which includes Nate Fellie, Keegan Garwood, Wyatt Cowdrey, Colton Louderback, Ethan Williamson, Chris Sparks, Bobby Hatfield, Zach Salyers, Gavin Wellman, and Austin Penewit.

The pitching staff has been lead by Wyatt Cowdrey, Nate Fellie, and Bobby Hatfield.  Their job is made easier by having the privilege of throwing to one of the best catchers in the league, Colton louderback.  Offensively, the team has been paced by the heart of the order, Nate Fellie, Ethan Williamson, and Zach Salyers.